Wobbly Compiz like windows on Mac OS X with Deskovery

Wobbly compiz like windows under OS XWobbly windows and other Deskovery features
Deskovery is the only application bringing you wobbly Compiz (or Beryl) like windows animations to your Mac OS X desktop.

Wobbly windows are fun but not only. They also make the desktop more “dynamic” and “organic”. Today, it is still the only application with such features on the market and I realized that I never talked about its making. Here is the little story, telling you how it started.

How it was made? I was a Linux user years ago and was really impressed but the capabilities and possibilities of Compiz. When I moved to OS X, I wanted to have the same features.

Nothing was existing under the Mac platform. I decided to use my development skills and build one. Linux and OS X do not have the same infrastructure so a “simple” port was not possible. I started to build from scratch a small and dedicated physics engine. Mimicking elasticity was a little challenge. I wanted to have something using minimal resources and realistic. It took me more time than expected to get an acceptable result, tweaking the parameters. Next step was to “plug” the physics engine to the OS X windows server. The difficult part was to allow Deskovery to control other applications windows. I added the constraint to not modify system files and make Deskovery a safe utility.
I got a very valuable help from Anthonin, developer of TotalFinder, who gave me pointers to go in the right direction. A big thanks to you, you saved me hours of investigation. After several weeks of development, Deskovery was born. It gains more features over the time and is now compatible with the latest version of Yosemite.

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