Wobbly and transparent windows are back


Since El Capitan and SIP I had to remove several features from Deskovery. They were not compatible with the new mechanism call SIP.

I had since really a lot of requests to bring back they features.

Today I am proud to announce you that with Deskovery 3.1, Wobbly and/or transparent windows are back. Even if you need to disable SIP during installation, It can be then reactivated. You have have a safe Mac and still use advanced window management features.

SIP makes the installation process a little more complex but detailed instructions are available to make the process simple for everybody.

Once you have installed the plugin, Deskovery has the full control over all windows.

Wobbly windows are still using the core graphics server to render the effect. It calls the function already used to render the "genie effect" when you minimized a window to the Dock. Using these functions allow Deskovery to provide an accelerated and efficient effect.

Wobbly windows can be disabled in Deskovery preferences.

Because we have now a total control of the windows, Deskovery can now make any windows transparent.

You can make transparent the focussed window using two different with two different ways:

  • By using a keyboard shortcut, which can be customized in preferences
  • By using the dedicated icon in the window sizer widget
transparent and floating windows mac

Deskovery can also now make windows floating (afloat like). This function will be covered in details in a future post.