The right advices for a good application

When writing an application, user feedback is important. In addition an in order to get a good application, you need to have the right advices even before releasing a beta version of your product.

Today I am happy to introduce David and Jean-Christophe who helped us a lot to make our product even more better.

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David Bosman founded and directed different magazines and is passionated about writing, typography and books in general. You can find more about him on his blog :

Jean-Christophe Courte has a long experience of Visual Business Graphics and is also book designer. He own as well a very interesting blog :

David and Jean-Christophe are co-editing where you can find interesting news related to iOS and MAc applications but also a lot of useful topics.

I am honored that David and Jean-Christophe use their experience to give advices which will benefit to all our users.

A big thank to both of them.