Spaces switching in Deskovery 3

I know that quite a lot of people are waiting for an new version of Deskovery. Since El Capitan, Deskovery requires to inactivate SIP in order to get all the features. After months of trials, I realized that the best option was to rewrite it from scratch. It was an important work because finding new ways to provide the features while playing nice with SIP is a really a challenge for an utility like Deskovery.

The OSX Space Switcher is back!

Today, the application is done at 90%. It also took more time than expected because I’ve added to the tool, features I had to remove in the past like the Space switcher. Users of the first versions of Deskovery will probably remind that there was a small popover allowing to change the current Space in one click. Mission control has change the way Spaces are working and I am happy to announce that Deskovery 3 will provide again a way to do it.
OSX Space switcher

OSX Space switcher

Space switcher will be directly available in the Menu bar menu of the application.