SmartDown, the new (Multi)Markdown editor for Mac

We are proud to present SmartDown, the new (Multi)Markdown editor for Mac.

Why another Markdown editor?

A lot of good Markdown editors already exist in the market. So why creating a new one? The answer is simple : we had (and still have) a lot of ideas for a better MarkDown editor and no one provide them. In some cases, the feature already exists but not in the form we expected. We came to the conclusion that we had to create our own MarkDown editor.

Full markdown support

We wanted to have a complete MarkDown support. SmartDown has Multi-MarkDown and Critic Markup capabilities. You can use tables, footnotes, and everything making MarkDown on steroids.

The union between a MarkDown editor and an outliner

We were thinking since a long time to have an editor where document can be automatically folded/unfolded at each header (or sub header level). This is now a reality.

Your MarkDown editor

We do not wanted to impose our vision of the editor. Hence we focussed to provide enough preferences to let you customize it, in order to make YOUR editor.