Slidium 0.8 is available

markdown presentation welcome screen

The second public beta of Slidium has just been released. In addition of bug fixes and performance enhancements, it brings also new features.

A brand new welcome screen

It was difficult for someone discovering Slidium to start to use it. I tried to improve that aspect:

  • Create a new presentation directly by choosing your theme
  • See provided example
  • Easily remember your recent presentations

New themes

In addition of the modern theme, available since the beginning, 3 new themes are part of version 0.8:

  • Gertrude, a port of the same theme from slidecarnival
  • Fidele, another port again from Slidecarnival
  • Reveal, from reveal.js. For the moment it only support the black theme of reveal.js

These themes are a work in progress and do not yet contain all the layouts and features.

Other new features

  • Support for relative image paths. If your presentation is saved (otherwise Slidium is unable to calculate relative paths to something which is not on the filesystem), Slidium now support relative paths to images and other resources.
  • More transitions (convex, concave)
  • Default layout in themes

Bug fixed and performance enhancements

  • Graph generation
  • Slides rendering

You can download it here