Slidium 0.7 (beta) is now available

I am proud to announce the availability of the first public beta of Slidium, my next generation Markdown Presentation app for Mac.


  • It’s a beta, and even the first one, so be sure you will find issues. Thanks for helping me by reporting them.
  • It only contains a single theme. I have several other ones in progress but none of them were finished enough.
  • Only English. Other localisations will come with future beta.
  • Only mac OS X 10.12 is supported but support for 10.11 is planned too.
  • Documentation is minimalistic but a series of blog post are coming soon to present the main aspects of Slidium. However, I hope that application is simple enough to be used without frequent use of documentation.
In conclusion, a lot of “coming soon” but it should give a good overview of Slidium. Your feedback is really important. Do not hesitate to report issues or features requests. This beta will expires the 3rd of April.
Download 0.7 beta