Retina ready window shading with Deskovery 2.3.0

Retina windowshade
The version 2.3.0 of Deskovery has been released.

The main new feature is to support windowshading (minimize to title bar) for the following configurations
  • Retina single monitor.
  • Retina main screen with external non retina screen.
  • Non retina main screen with external retina monitor.(there are quite a lot of people using their iPad as second monitor)
We know that is is a long time expected feature and we are happy to bring it to you. Internal changes introduced by Mavericks and Yosemite made the development of Deskovery a little complex. However we have a lot of ideas to make it even more powerful and time saver. You can download this new release here : Deskovery 2.3.0 It has been tested on several configurations but if you encounter any issue with your retina macbook pro or retina iMac, please contact us.