Main SmartDown interface

The Smart (Multi)Markdown editor

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Key features

Markdown outliner

MarkDown Editor &Outliner.

  • SmartDown automatically creates foldable sections based on the headers of your document.
  • Supports OPML format export

Simple but Powerful

  • Multi-Markdown and Critic Markup support.
  • Multiple export formats (PDF, HTML, RTF, …)
  • Advanced Text Reorganization features.
Multimarkdown and critic markup support
  • Use Built-in themes or create your own
  • Custom layout
  • Zoom

Goals and Statistics

  • Simply define your goal with a few words and SmartDown takes care of telling you were you are.
  • Accurate statistics (taking Markdown formatting into account)
goal management and statistics

Built for productivity

  • Clean interface
  • Fullscreen support
  • Highlight mode with different levels (word, sentence, paragraph) allowing you to focus on the current part of your document.

And Also…

Scroll Tooltip

Smart Scroll tooltip

Format Panel

Format panel

Smart Footnote

Smart footnotes
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