Slidium – Beautiful and Easy Markdown Presentation

Slidium is the easiest way to create a beautiful markdown presentation, including graphs and much more.

Version 1.1.0 – 9.5 MB – Sierra or High Sierra required
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Built-in data visualization for an efficient communication

  • Do not limit your markdown presentation to text and images. Slidium allow you to interactively insert graphs and charts.
  • Integrated support for the most common graph types. No more need to create them in another app and copy/paste images.
  • Dynamic infographics and vizalisations: Org-chart, mind-mapping diagrams,…

When Markdown meets WYSIWYG

  • An enhanced version of Markdown, with an intuitive syntax for charts and graphs
  • See in real time your updated slides as you type.
  • Interact with your presentation as a text file but also as a structured document(slide insertion, deletion, …)
  • Detachable preview window with dual screens support.
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Themes & Layouts

  • Slidium comes packed with modern build-in themes. You need something customized? You can duplicate and modify an existing one or create for scratch to make YOUR unique visual identity.
  • Built-in slides transitions. Give more wahou effect to your presentation.
  • Themes can contain differents layouts to fit with each slide contents.

Built to boost your productivity

  • A markdown presentation editor designed to save your time.
  • Smart autocompletion. You do not have to remember which property a slide can have or the name of an icon. Just press `Escape` to see available options.
  • Customizable templates: stop to write always the same contents for a new presentation of a new slide. Define it once, forever.
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And also!…

Integrated SVG icons

svg icons in presentation Built-in SVG icons. Slidium provide an easy way to integrate vector icons in your slides. It comes with an existing set of the most common shapes. Powered by Linea icons

Built-in PDF Export

Convert your markdown presentation to PDF. Share your slides with your collegues or customers who do not have (yet) Slidium in two clicks.

Download an example of PDF Export

But not only…

  • Automatic code syntax highlighting powered by highlightjs.
  • A markdown presentation mac editor using modern technologies.