Deskovery FAQ

Are you offering an upgrade price?

  • If you purchased Deskovery after El Capitan release, you can get a free update to Deskovery III. Just send me an email with your license.
  • If you are owning a license before this date, you can have a 40% upgrade discount. Send me also a copy of your license to get your discount coupon.

How can I get Deskovery for free?

There are 2 possibilities to get a free license of Deskovery:
  • If you contribute to the product (documentation, localisation, …)
  • If you are a journalist or blogger (Your blog just needs to have at least 200 subscribers) willing to write about us.

What is included in a license?

  • With a license you can activate Deskovery to up to 3 machines you (or your family) are owning.
  • Your license will give you free updates until the next major release.

Do I need to deactivate SIP?

You only need to desactivate for installing advanced feature (more info here). They you can reactivate it. This new version of Deskovery has been made from the ground up to accommodate the new security constraints when running (after installation)

Where are the wobbly windows?

With SIP activated there is no more the ability to use wobbly windows and transparency effects. If you still want to use them, you can use Deskovery 2.3.3 but you will need to disable SIP.