Introducing Slidium : The new way to write Markdown Presentations for Mac

markdown presentation

How to write markdown presentations easily?

Today I am proud to introduce Slidium, a Markdown presentations editor for the Mac, which has been started 2 years ago and soon in beta.
During last ten years, in my “corporate life” I had to write presentations. Because it was a big company, I was really creating slides everyday. While I enjoyed to present, I disliked to create these presentations. I was not able to get a efficient writing work-flow.
In the meantime, I discovered Markdown and it quickly replaced my traditional word processor application. Unfortunately, I was unable to found a tool providing me the same comfort for presentations.
I started to develop my own with the following features in mind:
  • Easy to use (I liked the UI that a keynote provides but also wanted a full featured text editor)
  • Able to create rich presentations (I needed graphs, video, not only headers, lists, quote and bold text)
  • Ready to the future (I should be able to add new features with a limited effort)

A WYSIWYG interface supporting Markdown

I wanted to be able to write markdown presentations with only (an extended version of) markdown. Except the external resources (themes, image), everything should be stored in a simple text file. However I also wanted a “Visual” Markdown, where I can interact also like a structured document and not only as a text file.
I then started to design a full featured text editor, with syntax highlighting, completion, … Even it it appears to work with a simple text file, it is actually a structured document composed of slides, meta data and so on.
When done, I then added new functions to support the modifications of this structured document. You have then often two different ways to do the same action, by writing text or using the user interface.

Based on modern technologies

How to create presentations that can be used on a smartphone and a video projector without loosing quality? Slidium uses modern Web technologies to render slides. SVG and D3.js are intensively used.

Contains everything you need to create amazing slides

I wanted to provide an application allowing you to create beautiful slides out of the box. Even if you can create your own themes, Slidium comes with a full featured theme, offering a wide range of different layouts fitting to most of the usages. It has also hundreds of SVG icons included and directly available using the completion list (no need to remember their names!)

Want to know more?

You can subscribe to the dedicated mailing list to participate to the beta when it will be available.
You can also find more information (and screenshots) about Slidium in the dedicated product page or have an overview in video: