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Wobbly and transparent windows are back


Since El Capitan and SIP I had to remove several features from Deskovery. They were not compatible with the new mechanism call SIP.

I had since really a lot of requests to bring back they features.

Today I am proud to announce you that with Deskovery 3.1, Wobbly and/or transparent windows are back. Even if you need to disable SIP during installation, It can be then reactivated. You have have a safe Mac and still use advanced window management features.

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Slidium F.A.Q.

slidium preview window


It is recommanded to read Using images in Slidium

What are the image formats supported by Slidium?

  • Slidium support PNG, SVG, Jpeg and GIF formats.
  • If you drag and drop a PDF file, Slidium will use it as a link, not as an image. If you want to use it as an image, juste add a ! before it.

My image is not visible, what happens?

  • NOTE: relative images are broken in version 1.0.2 for newly saved files. A new version fixing that issue has been submitted to Apple.
  • Images require an URL, not a path. Hence, you cannot have spaces on it, they need to be escaped (replaced by %20). If you insert your image by drap and drop or with the insert function, it will be done automatically.
  • Make sure that your file is saved. Relative paths only work when the presentation file is saved and hence have a, absolute URL.
  • You may also need to allow Slidium to access to the directory containing the images.

Slides and layouts

How do I insert the 2 ° sign indicating a slide part separator?

  • Depending of your country you may have it directly on your keyboard (just on the right of the 0 key.
  • In US keyboards, you can use the Shift + Option + 8 keys combination.
  • Starting from version 1.0.3 of Slidium you can also use the menu option Insert > Part separator


If I detach the preview how do I reattach?

  • Preview window is magnetic. When detached, you just need to move it closely to the editor one to merge them again.
  • You can also use the View > Attach Preview Menu option

If I close the preview how do I get it back?

  • Starting from version 1.0.3, use the View > Show Preview Menu option

Slidium is now available

After more thgan two years of works, I am happy to announce the availability of Slidium.It is exclusively sold in the Mac App Store.
Buy in the Mac App Store
You can also download a trial version if you want to test before:
Download Free Trial Version
An issue with Mind maps and org charts has been detected in Version 1.0. A new version has been submited to the Mac App Store and should be available soon.

This is only the beginning…

Version 1 is an important step but for Slidim, this is only the beginning! There is a tons of item in the todo list that will make Slidium even more awesome! Your feedback and ideas are also welcome!

Slidium 0.9 beta: easier and faster

markdown slide layout selector

The third public beta of Slidium is now available.

New features

Markdown presentations applications are really an awesome new way to create slides. There are a lot of reasons (focus on the content, productivity, quality of the result, …) to use them. However, when you start using such software for the first time, it can be difficult to see more than a text editor.

I hence decided to add new features to:

  • Facilitate the learning curve for new users
  • Make advanced users more productive

New preview of slide layouts

Slidium allows to have use different themes and each of them can have different layouts. It can be challenging to choose the right layout if you have only their names.

Slidium 0.9 introduces a new feature presenting for each available layout a thumbnail preview.

markdown slide layout selector


This probably not the most visible changes but version 0.9 brings some important internal updates:

New outlining algorithm (more accurate and faster)

This is the synchronization engine between the text and the presentation outline. When you do changes, its responsibility is to reflect the update from text to outline and from outline to text. The previous engine had issues when copy and pasting multiple slides. The new one has been rewritten from scratch and is also faster.

An updated parser

The parser does different tasks:

  • Splits the text in slides
  • Splits the slides into parts (meta data, ..)
  • Performs syntax highlighting

The parser has been modified in order to support edge cases.

Fixed SVG icons preview

The previous version were using a custom SVG rendering engine to generate the preview of SVG icons. In order to support all type of SVGs, Slidium now used the Webkit SVG rendering engine.

Other changes

  • Removed support for external web font until having an efficient caching solution.
  • Fixed: rendering of the first slide.
  • Better rendering of slides thumbnails. Thumbnails should be easier to read, with the usage of a better interpolation algorithm.
  • New expiration date for the beta: 04/05/2017
Download 0.9 beta