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Introducing Slidium : The new way to write Markdown Presentations for Mac

markdown presentation

How to write markdown presentations easily?

Today I am proud to introduce Slidium, a Markdown presentations editor for the Mac, which has been started 2 years ago and soon in beta.
During last ten years, in my “corporate life” I had to write presentations. Because it was a big company, I was really creating slides everyday. While I enjoyed to present, I disliked to create these presentations. I was not able to get a efficient writing work-flow.
In the meantime, I discovered Markdown and it quickly replaced my traditional word processor application. Unfortunately, I was unable to found a tool providing me the same comfort for presentations.
I started to develop my own with the following features in mind: Read More


[segment parallax_background=”false” background_speed=”0.0″ id=”home2-heading” class=”slogan” style=”background-attachment:scroll!important;”] [wrap class=”feature” ] [heading2 title=”HyperPDF : An amazing PDF reading experience”] [/wrap] [/segment] [wrap class=”feature”] [header_fancy class=”header1″ style=”margin-bottom: 20px;” text=”Main Features…”] [segment id=”home-alternate” class=”features-list-alternate”] [four_col] [icon class=”icon-plus”]


HyperPDF introduces a unique page-turning interface to read your PDF like real books. Turn pages with swipe gestures. [/four_col] [four_col] [icon class=”icon-pin2″]


Add shapes, notes to your PDF. If the text is selectable, you can highlight, underline and strike-through it. [/four_col] [four_col_last] [icon class=”icon-cursor”]


Turn your PDF into awesome slides. HyperPDF provides built-in transitions. [/four_col_last] [/segment] [header_fancy class=”header1″ style=”margin-bottom: 20px;” text=”In action…”] [segment id=”home-alternate” class=”features-list-alternate”] [four_col]

Full featured

[/four_col] [four_col]

Powerful annotations

[/four_col] [four_col_last]

See it in action

[/four_col_last] [/segment]


[segment parallax_background=”false” background_speed=”0.0″ id=”home2-heading” class=”slogan” background_color=’#374a4e’ background_image=”/wordpress/images/deskovery-header.jpg” style=”background-attachment:scroll!important;”] [wrap class=”feature” style=”min-height:300px;”] [six_col] [heading2 title=”Bookinist : the new way to read on your Mac.”] [/six_col] [six_col_last style=”text-align:center;”]


[/six_col_last] [/wrap] [/segment] [segment id=”app-features”] [wrap class=”feature”] [six_col class=”reverse”]page turn interface[/six_col] [six_col class=”reverse no-margin”]

Unique page turn interface

Get the feeling of reading a real book. Move between pages with a simple swipe.
[/six_col] [/wrap] [wrap class=”feature”] [six_col]Library[/six_col] [six_col class=”no-margin”]

All your ebooks in one location

Bookinist comes with an integrated library where you can store all your ePub files. Simply add them by drag and drop and start Reading!
[/six_col] [/wrap] [wrap class=”feature”] [six_col class=”reverse”]customizable[/six_col] [six_col class=”reverse no-margin”]

Customizable, to make YOUR ebook reader

Fonts, colors, margins, appearance can be customized to create your e-books reader. Whether you like minimalistic interfaces or not, you will find a configuration that fits your needs.
[/six_col] [/wrap] [/segment] [header_fancy class=”header1″ style=”margin-bottom: 20px;” text=”And also…”] [segment id=”home-alternate” class=”features-list-alternate”] [four_col]

Unlimited bookmarks

[/four_col] [four_col]

Meta data viewer

[/four_col] [four_col_last]

Blazing fast search

[/four_col_last] [/segment]


Wobbly compiz like windows under OS X

The all in one windows and spaces manager that saves you time!

Compatible with Catalina. Wobbly windows and transparent windows require to have SIP disabled
Free trial Buy now
Looking for version 2.3.3 ? | F.A.Q. | Documentation
Deskovery windowshade areo snap osx

Window shading

Minimize your windows to their titlebars and unclutter your destop
  • Per application custom shading height
  • Applications exclude list
osx windows shading
osx space switcher

Manage your Spaces efficiently

  • Visualize in which Space you are
  • Switch Space in one click

Preview and switch between windows

  • Directly from the Dock
  • Using the windows switcher
window switcher
zoom button actions

Align, resize

  • Windows actions
  • Drag to resize