Getting started with Slidium Markdown Presentations

This simple tutorial will teach you the basics of Markdown presentations with Slidium. It will guide you through the creation of your first presentation. You also may want to read Basics of presentations which describes the anatomy of a Slidium Markdown Presentation.

Informing theme and other meta data

When creating a new presentation, a new pre-filled document appears. You can change the content of this new file by modifying its template in the application preferences. Because layouts are theme dependent, it is strongly advised to start by informing the theme in your new presentation. Just enter the first letters of its name after the theme: metadata key. A completion popup should appear providing you the list of themes installed in your system.

Adding and removing slides

There are different ways to add or remove slides in a presentation.
  • You can simply add a new slide separator --- in a new line to create a new blank slide. Deleting a slide means to remove the text of the slide in the editor.
  • You can also right click on a slide thumbnail, in the side bar and select the preferred option.

Defining the slide layout

Each slide can have its own layout coming from the theme. You can specify it by setting the following metadata line, at the beginning of the slide. Layout: Cover

Setting a background image

Like the slide layout, you can specify at the slide master data level, the background image of the slide using the Background metadata key. – You can then enter the URL (not the path, it means that it must not contains spaces, …) of the picture. – Note: For metadata, just inform the URL. Do not surround it with the regular markdown syntax for images. – Alternatively, you can drag and drop a picture file from the Finder. – In both cases, because of Sandboxing, you need to allow Slidium to read from the location. If Slidium is not yet granted, it will ask you to do it. background image in markdown presentation

Adding content to your slide

Try to add headers, bullets, quote and use bold text.
# An example of slide
## Subtitle

- Item 1
- Item 2
- Item 3 with **bold text**

For more information about (multi)Markdown, you can use this guide.

Adding a chart

Following Multimarkdown notation, Graphs and diagrams are using the {{}} syntax. donut graph in markdown

Using SVG icons

SVG icons can be inserted like a regular image. When you start entering the first characters (![](...) Slidium will show you the list available SVG icons. You will just have the select the one you wish. Example: ![](si_alarm.svg) SVG icons in markdown presentation

Presenting your first presentation

Once you are satisfied about the result you are getting, you can now move to presentation mode. Here again, you have different options:
  • Go to View -> Present in fullscreen
  • Click on the full screen button of the preview pane.
presenting markdown presentation You can then use the arrow keys to navigate between slides.

Exporting to PDF

You may want to share your presentation with person not having (yet) Slidium. You can easily export your slides to an pixel perfect PDF. To achieve that result, you can click on the export button.
export markdown presentation to pdf

export markdown presentation to pdf

Slidium 0.7 (beta) is now available

I am proud to announce the availability of the first public beta of Slidium, my next generation Markdown Presentation app for Mac.


  • It’s a beta, and even the first one, so be sure you will find issues. Thanks for helping me by reporting them.
  • It only contains a single theme. I have several other ones in progress but none of them were finished enough.
  • Only English. Other localisations will come with future beta.
  • Only mac OS X 10.12 is supported but support for 10.11 is planned too.
  • Documentation is minimalistic but a series of blog post are coming soon to present the main aspects of Slidium. However, I hope that application is simple enough to be used without frequent use of documentation.
In conclusion, a lot of “coming soon” but it should give a good overview of Slidium. Your feedback is really important. Do not hesitate to report issues or features requests. This beta will expires the 3rd of April.
Download 0.7 beta

Introducing Slidium : The new way to write Markdown Presentations for Mac

markdown presentation

How to write markdown presentations easily?

Today I am proud to introduce Slidium, a Markdown presentations editor for the Mac, which has been started 2 years ago and soon in beta.
During last ten years, in my “corporate life” I had to write presentations. Because it was a big company, I was really creating slides everyday. While I enjoyed to present, I disliked to create these presentations. I was not able to get a efficient writing work-flow.
In the meantime, I discovered Markdown and it quickly replaced my traditional word processor application. Unfortunately, I was unable to found a tool providing me the same comfort for presentations.
I started to develop my own with the following features in mind: Read More

Deskovery 3 is now available

We’re pleased to announce that Deskovery 3 is now available and fully supporting macOS X Sierra.

What’s new in Deskovery 3?

  • Simpler to install and to use: Fully compatible with El Capitan and Sierra (and SIP). No need to install, just launch it.
  • Dock previews: allow to directly see in the Dock, windows previews.
  • Space switcher: Directly see in with Space you are and switch in one click!
  • Modern UI: The UI has been completely redesigned.
  • These are some of the main new features. Deskovery 3 has been rewritten mostly from scratch and also brings a ton of small enhancements.

How to get it?

  • If you are already owning a Deskovery License, see the F.A.Q. for upgrade process
Free trial    Buy now
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are sure you will enjoy the new Deskovery!

Deskovery 3.0 beta 3

Deskovery Beta 3 has been released. Changelog:
  • Fixed incorrect focus ring in preferences
  • fixed incorrect grid drawing in sizer view
  • Fixed: incorrect dock thumbnail position when dock is vertical
  • Fixed: crash in Acrobat Reader (and possibly other Adobe apps) and Firefox due to “strange” AXUIElementIsAttributeSettable implementations

Deskovery 3.0 beta 2 released

Thanks to Michele, Terre and Kyle for their very detailed bug reports 🙂

Bug fixed

  • Menubar icon is now visible in dark mode
  • Google Chrome is now fully supported
  • Dock items option menu is no more hidden bu the windows preview of Deskovery (Deskovery auto hides as soon as the menu is shown)
  • Heigh of windows switcher adjusted in order to avoid unnecessary scrollbar.
  • Fixed incorrect windows switcher window position.
  • Fixed: incorrect layout of Dock thumbs preview.
  • Updated error message when no keyboard shortcut is associated to a Desktop Space

Deskovery 3 Beta 1 is there

Deskovery windowshade areo snap osx
Hi am pround to announce that I’ve finished the first beta of Deskovery 3. Due to SIP, this is a major rewrite.
  • No more need of an installer, just start the app
  • No mode code injection, simpler and safer (especially with future releases of max OS X)
It also brings some brand new features:
  • A space switcher
  • Preview of windows directly from the Dock.
  • and much more to discover.
More info:

Spaces switching in Deskovery 3

I know that quite a lot of people are waiting for an new version of Deskovery. Since El Capitan, Deskovery requires to inactivate SIP in order to get all the features. After months of trials, I realized that the best option was to rewrite it from scratch. It was an important work because finding new ways to provide the features while playing nice with SIP is a really a challenge for an utility like Deskovery.

The OSX Space Switcher is back!

Today, the application is done at 90%. It also took more time than expected because I’ve added to the tool, features I had to remove in the past like the Space switcher. Users of the first versions of Deskovery will probably remind that there was a small popover allowing to change the current Space in one click. Mission control has change the way Spaces are working and I am happy to announce that Deskovery 3 will provide again a way to do it.
OSX Space switcher

OSX Space switcher

Space switcher will be directly available in the Menu bar menu of the application.