Month: January 2014

Deskovery 2: A real windowshade feature

This is fist post of a serie, showing what is coming in Deskovery 2. WindowShading is like jailbreak, each new OS version can break it. It was the case with Mountain Lion. We had to implement a “fake” window shading using placeholders instead of a real windowshaded window. This was also the case for all competitors of Dekovery. After, a long research, we have found a way to bring it back. It mean that you can directly interact with a minimized window (close it, maximize it, …). Real WindowShade Soon in Deskovery.

Bookinist and Readmill

We had questions from Bookinist customers about the future of Bookinist. They were concerned about the availability of iBooks for Mac and the impact on Bookinist. First Bookinist is not dead, and second, we have lot of ideas for it future. One of them was the support of Readmill. You can now log in into Readmill in Bookinist preferences: Readmill login in Bookinist And get full library synchronization. Logged in Readmill You can download it from the Mac App Store