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The Smart (Multi)Markdown editor

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Key features

Markdown outliner

MarkDown Editor &Outliner.

  • SmartDown automatically creates foldable sections based on the headers of your document.
  • Supports OPML format export

Simple but Powerful

  • Multi-Markdown and Critic Markup support.
  • Multiple export formats (PDF, HTML, RTF, …)
  • Advanced Text Reorganization features.
Multimarkdown and critic markup support
  • Use Built-in themes or create your own
  • Custom layout
  • Zoom

Goals and Statistics

  • Simply define your goal with a few words and SmartDown takes care of telling you were you are.
  • Accurate statistics (taking Markdown formatting into account)
goal management and statistics
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Stay focused and productive.

  • Clean interface
  • Fullscreen support
  • Highlight mode with different levels (word, sentence, paragraph) allowing you to focus on the current part of your document.
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Scroll Tooltip

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Format Panel

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Smart Footnote

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