Bookinist documentation

Last modified: 2013 05 12

Supported formats

Bookinist currently only supports ePub format. However we plan to add soon support for the most common formats such as PDF.

About the concept of pages in an ePub File

Unlike in a PDF document, in an ePub file, the is no fixed concept of page. Depending the size of the reading window, the same document can have 100 or 200 pages.

When Bookinist provide you information about number of pages, page number they are relative to the current reading window. For this reason, bookmarks are not linked to a specific page but to an accurate location within the chapter.

The Library

How to add books to the library

Add to library Click on the “+” button in the top right corner of the window. You can alternatively use the File —> Add Book to Library menu option.

Right-clicking in a book open the following context menu: Library context menu

How to remove books from the library

Right-click on a book and select the “Remove from Library” option. The book and all related data will be deleted.

How to view Meta data

Right-click on a book and select the “Get Info” option.

You will get the following window: metadata

How to open a book

You can either double-clic on a book or Right-click on a book and select the “Open” option.

Reading books

When opening a book, the Library titlebar is replaced by the Reading one. reading titlebar

  1. Show Font Options Popup.
  2. Go back to the Library.
  3. Name of the current book.
  4. Name of the current chapter / Show chapters/bookmarks list.
  5. Search field.
  6. Toggle bookmark.
  7. Enter to fullscreen mode.

The bottom bar is mainly used to know where you are in the book and to navigate between pages. reading bottom bar

  1. Go to Previous / Next page.
  2. Current page in the book.
  3. Move the mouse cursor over the progress bar to quickly go to a specific page.
  4. Total pages in the book.

How to use the page turn interface?

A trackpad is required for this functionality. Simply put 2 fingers in the trackpad and swipe to the right or to the left. swipe

How to change fonts and colors

In Reading Mode (with one book opened), click on the Glasses icon to show the Font Options popup. Glasses menu

  1. Increase or decrease font size.
  2. Force to use a specific font or use book defaults.
  3. Change font and background colors.
  4. Toggle between “plain” book or “skeuomorphism”


In reading mode, you can access the list of chapters by clicking in the current chapter in the titlebar. Chapters The same popup is used to show user defined bookmarks.


Accessing existing bookmarks

In reading mode, click to the current chapter in the titlebar and then on “bookmarks”. Existing bookmarks

How to add new bookmarks

Click on the bookmark icon to toggle bookmark. Existing bookmarks When adding a new bookmark, Bookinist ask you a description. By default it proposes the current chapter. User Enter to validate the new bookmark or Escape to cancel it.


Simply start to type your search in the search field. The list of matches will appear in the search popup. In addition found occurrences will be highlighted. Search


For the moment, preferences are limited to the minimum. We recommend to not use them in the current version.