Spaces switching in Deskovery 3

I know that quite a lot of people are waiting for an new version of Deskovery. Since El Capitan, Deskovery requires to inactivate SIP in order to get all the features.

After months of trials, I realized that the best option was to rewrite it from scratch. It was an important work because finding new ways to provide the features while playing nice with SIP is a really a challenge for an utility like Deskovery.

The OSX Space Switcher is back!

Today, the application is done at 90%. It also took more time than expected because I’ve added to the tool, features I had to remove in the past like the Space switcher.

Users of the first versions of Deskovery will probably remind that there was a small popover allowing to change the current Space in one click. Mission control has change the way Spaces are working and I am happy to announce that Deskovery 3 will provide again a way to do it.

OSX Space switcher

OSX Space switcher

Space switcher will be directly available in the Menu bar menu of the application.


Deskovery and OS X 10.11 – El Capitan

Deskovery 2.X is not working properly under OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).
The reason is the new security system integrated in El Capitan, called SIP for System Integrity Protection.
There are solutions to disable SIP and make Discovery working again, but I do not encourage them.

What will no more work

Features like wobbly windows will stop working from OS X 10.11. We are still looking for a way to bring them back but for the moment, all our ideas were unsuccessful.

The future and Deskovery

I am working on Deskovery 3 which will be a major rewrite of the application.

  • Some features will be removed (like wobbly windows)
  • Windowshading windows aka “minimize windows to titlebar” will be still there
  • I am also adding some new functionalities and I am sure you will like them.

A beta version is expected very soon.

Wobbly compiz like windows under OS X

Wobbly Compiz like windows on Mac OS X with Deskovery

Deskovery is the only application bringing you wobbly Compiz (or Beryl) like windows animations to your Mac OS X desktop.

Wobbly windows are fun but not only. They also make the desktop more “dynamic” and “organic”.

Today, it is still the only application with such features on the market and I realized that I never talked about its making.
Here is the little story, telling you how it started.

How it was made?

I was a Linux user years ago and was really impressed but the capabilities and possibilities of Compiz. When I moved to OS X, I wanted to have the same features.

Nothing was existing under the Mac platform. I decided to use my development skills and build one.

Linux and OS X do not have the same infrastructure so a “simple” port was not possible.
I started to build from scratch a small and dedicated physics engine. Mimicking elasticity was a little challenge. I wanted to have something using minimal resources and realistic. It took me more time than expected to get an acceptable result, tweaking the parameters.

Next step was to “plug” the physics engine to the OS X windows server. The difficult part was to allow Deskovery to control other applications windows. I added the constraint to not modify system files and make Deskovery a safe utility.
I got a very valuable help from Anthonin, developer of TotalFinder, who gave me pointers to go in the right direction. A big thanks to you, you saved me hours of investigation.
After several weeks of development, Deskovery was born. It gains more features over the time and is now compatible with the latest version of Yosemite.

Try Deskovery

A new windowshading engine for Deskovery

The version 2.3.1 of Deskovery has been released. This version brings a new windowshading engine which extends its compatibility to the majority of existing OS X applications.
Deskovery now fully supports

  • Office suite (Word, Excel, Power point, Outlook)
  • Chrome (even the latest releases)
  • Firefox
  • And all other applications already supported.

You can download this version here: Dekovery

Retina windowshade

Retina ready window shading with Deskovery 2.3.0

The version 2.3.0 of Deskovery has been released.

The main new feature is to support windowshading (minimize to title bar) for the following configurations

  • Retina single monitor.
  • Retina main screen with external non retina screen.
  • Non retina main screen with external retina monitor.(there are quite a lot of people using their iPad as second monitor)

We know that is is a long time expected feature and we are happy to bring it to you.

Internal changes introduced by Mavericks and Yosemite made the development of Deskovery a little complex.
However we have a lot of ideas to make it even more powerful and time saver.

You can download this new release here : Deskovery 2.3.0

It has been tested on several configurations but if you encounter any issue with your retina macbook pro or retina iMac, please contact us.


SmartDown 0.9.3 Released

We’ve just released a new beta of SmartDown. It mainly consists of bugs fixes. It should now be stable and close to a production quality level.
The full changelog is available.

In addition of these fixed, we’ve added a new feature to copy the HTML version of your document to your clipboard in a text format.
This is very useful for web pages management. We for instance create all our blog post using SmartDown and directly past them into WordPress.

We are thinking to add a direct publish function but it won’t be for v1.0.

You can download this new beta here

This new beta will expire 2015, March, 10th.

We hope to release the first stable version early March.

As usual please report us any issue or improvement ideas.