HyperPDF is now compatible with OS X Yosemite

HyperPDF 1.1.2 is released.
The major change is the compatibility with OS X Yosemite (DP 7).
You can continue to swipe pages of a pdf file like a real book under Yosemite.
More information and download : http://www.neomobili.com/products/hyperpdf/

Deskovery II released

I am pleased to announce the availability of Deskovery II.
It was a long work to provide a stable release of Deskovery. It is now the case.
To celebrate this release, you can buy Descovery at a reduced price during one week (40% off).

Users having bought a license since the release of Mavericks can get a free upgrade (send us an email with your registered email)

You can download it here : http://www.neomobili.com/products/deskovery/

Deskovery 2 beta 8 released

We’ve just released Deskovery II beta 8.

It now supports per application custom window-shading height:
custom windowshade heights

Because we had a lot of requests, we have also added a feature to simply resize and align windows like the wMS Windows 7/8 one:

To use it, simply move a window keeping the Command key pressed to an edge or or corner of the screen. A blue rectangle will allow you to preview future size and position:

drag window to resize them

This new beta can be downloaded here:

Deskovery 2: A real windowshade feature

This is fist post of a serie, showing what is coming in Deskovery 2.
WindowShading is like jailbreak, each new OS version can break it. It was the case with Mountain Lion. We had to implement a “fake” window shading using placeholders instead of a real windowshaded window.
This was also the case for all competitors of Dekovery.
After, a long research, we have found a way to bring it back. It mean that you can directly interact with a minimized window (close it, maximize it, …).

Real WindowShade

Soon in Deskovery.

Bookinist and Readmill

We had questions from Bookinist customers about the future of Bookinist. They were concerned about the availability of iBooks for Mac and the impact on Bookinist.
First Bookinist is not dead, and second, we have lot of ideas for it future.

One of them was the support of Readmill. You can now log in into Readmill in Bookinist preferences:
Readmill login in Bookinist
And get full library synchronization.

Logged in Readmill

You can download it from the Mac App Store

New Blog and New RSS Feed

As a new year resolution we decided to communicate more about our coming application updates.
Trust us, it is going to be awesome.
We moved our blog to WordPress and we have now a new RSS Feed.

The right advices for a good application

When writing an application, user feedback is important. In addition an in order to get a good application, you need to have the right advices even before releasing a beta version of your product.

Today I am happy to introduce David and Jean-Christophe who helped us a lot to make our product even more better.

Bookinist logo

David Bosman
founded and directed different magazines and is passionated about writing, typography and books in general.
You can find more about him on his blog : http://davidbosman.fr/blog/

Jean-Christophe Courte has a long experience of Visual Business Graphics and is also book designer. He own as well a very interesting blog : http://www.urbanbike.com/

David and Jean-Christophe are co-editing http://tiaaft.com/ where you can find interesting news related to iOS and MAc applications but also a lot of useful topics.

I am honored that David and Jean-Christophe use their experience to give advices which will benefit to all our users.

A big thank to both of them.

Bookinist has now an icon

It took us several days (yes, we are not icon specialists ;-) to create it, but now, this is official Bookinist has an icon.
Say hello to Bookinist!

Bookinist logo

Bookinist : The new ebook reader for mac

When iBooks was available on the iPad we immediately loved it. Like a lot of Apple products, its interface is simple but beautiful with a good usage of animations. We started to use it daily to read books, technical articles, …, everything which can be converted to an .epub ebook.

Why an .epub file and not a pdf file? Just because you can change fonts, color, layout, without having to zoom and pan.

We started to hope to have a Mac version of iBooks. Unfortunately it seems that this is not in the Apple strategy to provide a such version. Because there was nothing similar on the market, we took the decision to create our vision of an ebook reader on the Mac.

After months of development, this project is now close to the first public beta version. We are happy to present bookinist, the new ebook reader for Mac.